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The World of Corwyn

Civilization is on the brink of scientific revolution: lightning-charged bulbs are slowly replacing magically conjured light, the gnomes are tinkering with steam-powered mechanisms, and the first locomotive is being developed in central Craggmoä. The Age of Thieves winds down, and history has shown that with each new age comes much change...

One age brought darkness into the world. Malevolence overpowered the good-willed, and chaos and anarchy dominated over control and peace. Another, peaceful age introduced the dwarves and nymn races to the world. Some believe these changes are the gods' decrees, while the more scientific minds consider them to be evolutionary steps or alterations in the physics of reality.


Now, an indescribable evil has arisen. The dead lands of Îssard stirs once more, and a looming shroud has begun to spread across the continent. Four magical talismans—created in an age where magic potential was unhindered—have revealed themselves after spending years in hiding. These talismans are the key to controlling the realms, and it is believed that whomever wields these talismans shall ultimately shape the new age in their image.

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Learn More About Corwyn and Its People

The People: Enter here to learn more about some of the characters found in Dresner's books

The Land: Enter here to see maps of the land, and learn about the various regions in Corwyn

Witchhazel & Sword: Two towns, fraternal in nature, for what happens in one town happens in the other . . . and no one knows why. Learn more here.

The Forgotten: Deities that once reigned over Corwyn and its inhabitants now reside in a hidden town, forgotten and powerless. Learn more here.

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