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The Land of Corwyn

Corwyn is the name of the 4th planet from the sun in the Shayn Solar System. Its vast ecosystem contains millions of different life forms living in various climates. While it was originally believed that these life forms all developed naturally over time, the current theory is that extra-planetary forces (such as magic and off-planet beings) have contributed to the development of the world and its inhabitants. While most of the planet is inhabited by intelligent life, some of the most peculiar stories of these inhabitants take place on the continent of Craggmoä where The Breggin Empire rules. Neighboring regions of Bogrythe and Ballendur rest east of Craggmoä, and they are each led by empires of their own.

Map of Corwyn - Craggmoä

Prevalent Locations

Parriun City Crest.png

Parriün City

(Hartland Region) A merchant and entertainment city, it was originally carved from the edge of Craggmoä's largest canyon, The Great Divide. Home of Stone Giant Arena, the city's main source of entertainment stems from the gladiator games. With the popularity of the games as well as the fame Gandelore Market has made for itself, Parriün City is the empire's highest source of revenue. Its unfortunate location on the north side of the canyon makes travelling there difficult for most southerners, like those located in the regions of Breggin or Sunderlea, but most would say spending time in the city was well worth the trip.

Seahaven Crest.png


(Addervale Region) Seahaven is the main port city located on the shores of The Great Bal. While other port cities and towns (like State's Landing) may claim to be the preferred harbor for sailors, Seahaven remains the continent's largest and most well-known. Its central coastal location makes it a perfect layaway spot for seafarers from neighboring continents and regions. Many spend time in Merchant's Row, bartering over trinkets and knickknacks.

Syndall Crest.png


(Breggin Region) Syndall is the empire's capital city where their government and military forces reside. The nation began in Syndall, formerly known only as Breggin, and expanded out toward the eastern region of Sunderlea and the northern region of Bëil. The Great Griffin tower resides in Syndall. Pointing northeast, it overlooks the nation with proud eyes.

Twin Towns Crest.png

Sword & Witchhazel

(Tegue Region) Residing in The Breggin Empire's smallest region, the towns of Witchhazel and of Sword are perhaps the most peculiar of places in the empire. By unknown means (magic or otherwise), whatever happens in one town tends to happen in the other. If a blade shop opens in Sword, a potion master's shop may open in a similar location in Witchhazel at the same time. What's odder, when a person is born in one town, another is born in the other town. Deemed "Echoes" these twins (if they may be called that) eerily share many similarities. To learn more about the Twin Towns, visit this link: Witchhazel & Sword, or purchase a copy of Sword & Witchhazel, a novella written with two stories in mind.

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