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The People of Corwyn

The Corwyn universe is full of interesting characters, from savvy pirates to leviathan-like monsters. Ever met a half woman, half unicorn before? Want to know who the greatest spell-caster of all time is? Here you'll see a glimpse of some of the most interesting characters, found only within the pages of J.D. Dresner's books!

Prevalent Characters

Nina Kevlar

An average woman with an above average skill with a sword, Nina soon becomes entangled in a larger plot when she discovers the whereabouts of the assassin who killed her mother, many years ago.

Nina Bork.png

Anthyn Ambrose

His past is shrouded in mystery, but would you expect anything different from a thief on the run? Anthyn is adept at hiding. Still, you wouldn't want to corner this wily thief, or you might just find yourself pinned to a wall with four sharply aimed daggers.

Innious Bane

Sorcerer extraordinaire! He may be crass, he may be mean, but he'll certainly take out a chunk of your enemy's ranks with but a single spell. Self-taught, Bane prides himself on being better than any other sorcerer he's ever encountered. Too bad he never learned to properly wield his magic, for his skin is now charred from head to toe by his power.

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