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The Forgotten

In a time before the recording of ages lived powerful deities who governed the mortals of Corwyn from their perches in the stars. Each presiding over one universal element, like the seasons, the sun, vigilance, or deceit, their powers were reflective of these elements. Their strength came from mortal worship alone, and so it was in their best interests to gather as many followers as possible. Yet such competition from beings of immense power often brought war and unnecessary suffering to the world. When the deities fell for reasons unknown to the mortals, Corwyn changed drastically. Those universal elements were no longer reigned over with individual authority, though it is unclear as to what (or whom) governs the universe’s properties now.

In isolation, the deities of the old world, deemed The Forgotten, were stripped of their status and their power. They live as immortal villagers that dwell in the hidden town of Eruth, away from society. None has ever left that stagnant village, save for one, and it was said she had become mortal and died two hundred seasons later.

Frost, The Ice Giant.

Durk, The Rock-Steady Dwarf.

Natalia, The Ocean Beauty.

Azhoul, The Mischievous Liar.

Zed, The Hidden.

Delora, The Burning Passion.

Syste, The Elf of Seasons.

Gogan, The Symbolic Ritual.

Xenex, The Planetary Body.

Elora, The Beautiful.

Ragej, The Tempest.

Austrel, The Pure.

Dirst, Youthful Growth.

Zalon, The Mighty Muscle.

Thantis, The Wise Storm.

Yasmyst, The Rigid Law.

Blight, The Noble Son.

Artonis, The Silver Moon.

Tagos, The Vigilant Protector.

M’lykii, The Forgetful Sky.

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