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Fan Art

J.D. Dresner was an artist before he ever wrote his first story. Indeed, much of the ideas for his tales came from older fantasy illustrations. Back then, he called his world "Corwin", and it looked very different than it does today. Here, you'll see many of those illustrations, as well as some created by fans who've read his work.

Water Colour Tree - iPad app
Scythe the magician
90's illustration
Carrius West
Rise, Paelleos!
Nina Kevlar
Kreglar Sivvicus
Man and Beast
Bridge over the Great Divide
Nina Kevlar
Magician, Cast!
Dó Karr Dâyne
Witchhazel Crest
Crest of Sword
Company in Karnath Transparent
Arcadian Grimoire and the Actor
A Dead Knight
Anthyn Ambrose 2009
Anthyn and the Talisman
Anthyn Fan Art
Giant through the trees
Forgotten - Mehzoul
Forgotten - Crazy
Forgotten - Azul
Dó Karr and the Talisman
Forgotten - Awn
Nina Kevlar Fan Art
Necia the Womicorn - 2016 Fan Art
Krell Thumbnail
kreex the black
Hooded Woman
Screenshot 2016-08-29 13.02.46
Screenshot 2016-08-29 11.38.21
Wizard 1
Varrhsae Sketch 2010
savant krell sketch
Varrhsae Sketch 3
Nina Kevlar
Innious Squid Instagram
Worship Statues
Winter Swords
Kev Hammerchild and Lord Ovic
Angry, Wet Brute
Shelby Plant Woman
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